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‘200 road accident deaths in three days’ in Thailand

Bangkok: (ioktimes) Already within the infamous list of having visible a report quantity of avenue accident deaths, Thailand has once again hit the worldwide headlines because it has registered 182 deaths, commonly as a result of inebriated driving. These incidents have been reported between Thursday and Saturday final week.

With around 1,633 accidents pronounced in three days, the country’s roads were labeled with the aid of the World health organisation (WHO) because the “deadliest in South-East Asia”, Sources mentioned.

As per the WHO, the avenue collision-associated death rate in Thailand used to be 32.7 People out of every a 100,000. Vietnam grabbed the second spot within the dubious list in south-east Asia, with the death rate of 26.7. On the contrary, Singapore, with a death rate of 2.8, is viewed because the most secure amongst the nations of the neighborhood, the sources added.

The WHO noted that Thailand’s excessive avenue dying rate was due to the weak enforcement of driving rules. It said that simplest 51% of motorcyclists wore helmets and only 58% of auto drivers wore seat belts.

While giving the main points concerning the rising number of street casualties, the Thai police stated that 40.9% of accidents over the three days were brought on by drunk driving using at the same time 27.Percent were as a result of overspeeding.

In Thailand, the days main as much as the brand new yr’s Day are seen as “dangerous days” as many roads within the cities see a heavy rush of visitors with commuters dashing to satisfy friends and household, in general in a totally inebriated condition.

Year after year, situations of road accidents have emerge as a serious motive of crisis for the authorities in Thailand despite the government’s protection crusade which entails an improved quantity of police patrol vehicles on roads and public attention programmes.

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