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TIK-TOK Fever Rises in Kashmir, Videos of teen girls going viral

SRINAGAR: Tik-Tok, the world’s one of the vital downloaded software, anything that the majority Parents have certainly not heard but amongst younger generations including youngsters it is becoming some of the favorite application, and has created a gigantic quantity of consumer base in Kashmir as all movies of young boys, youngsters as good as ladies are going viral on social media.

Gulam Muhammad Mir, a parent mentioned, “Our Kashmir is often called Pirwar, we are culturally as good as morally civilized however alas our children in particular girls are disgracing moral values by using uploading such videos on social media.”

“The ethos of Kashmiri’s are extraordinary, as Muslim majority society it’s in opposition to the manners, it’s going to outcomes in more drastic changes in the orientation of youths, they usually may include some thing more immoral and unethical stuff on social media if now not cautiously dealt with,” he said.

Tik tok a social media app is used for creating and sharing videos as good as for going reside, launched in September 2016 by Bytdance, it’s a leading brief video platform in Asia and has elevated to different materials of the arena, fitting probably the most fastest-developing apps with a giant community throughout a couple of nations for brief song videos.

Veena a social activist stated, “This utility will also be utilized to bounce, hone creativity, and broaden the community of acquaintances.”

If used correctly our kids can use tik tok app for displaying their ability but alas this application is misused by a few of its users, it is used for wasting time, relating to harassment principally on Islam, there has been a person Tik Tok to make a prayer video with a dance creating a huge negative affect on faith.

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