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“Is Anybody Listening” Kashmir has gone

Srinagar : 25 Dec. : (ioktimes) : “Kashmir” once which was called as the Paradise on earth, in recent times has changed forever. The beauty of Kashmir has gone forever. The Smile on every Kashmiri’s face has now lost. Everywhere, in the Valley Paradise a type of pain can be found. The pain and injuries which maybe the People of Kashmir will never forget. Everywhere, in the Valley Army bases and camps are being installed.

Roads, grounds, parks, villages, Districts, forests and even in Schools only Army camps can be found. The cries of Kashmiri’s can be heard on every street of Kashmir. “We want Freedom” “Go india Go Back” posters can be found on every corner of the valley.

After  the Killing of Hizbul Top Most Commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani on 7th of July 2016, thousands of Protests rock valley shouting Pro-Burhan, Pro-Mujhaideen, Pro-Pakistan and Anti-india Slogans. In these Protests, Hundreds of Young, Adults, girls, womens, boys were Killed by Indian Army. According to the reports, 290 Plus Kashmir’s were Killed in 5 Months of unrest. Internet services were totally banned in the Valley. Hundreds of Students were killed in the 2016 unrest. Human rights violations is on Peak in the Valley. Thousands of Kashmiri People were Blinded in 5 Months of unrest. By the using of Pellets, Teargas shells, Sound shells and Target firing on protesters Most people were killed there. Others were Shot dead in Army camps, Homes, agricultural fields etc.

While talking to the father of Two young boys who both lost their lives during the unrest said, “Indian Army Killed my innocent Sons in Cold bloodshed but i Can’t do anything. I Came to Police Station to register FiR against them but i was kicked out from there saying” Your both sons were terrorists”. But i asked them if they were militants, Have you any evidence that could prove it. They said, “if we don’t have any evidence then what he can do”. He said, while Crying.

“While he was Crying, his wife comes in and said, “My Beloved sons were not terrorists, i was the one who told them to go on agricultural land and bring Vegetables from there” But after 30 Minutes, Some of our neighbours came our home and Said, “Your sons are no more, they were shot dead by Army on the road”.

” After that day, i am waiting for my sons, whether they will come back” She said.

While our team was quoting with their family members, Some of friends of duo slain came in and said, “Not only our brothers were killed in cold bloodshed, but there are thousands of young kashmiri boys who have been killed by indian Army in kashmir”

Our Question to U.N and International Court of Justice is, “In which Century indian Army will be thrown out from my home (Kashmir)? ” What should be the maximum killing rate after Human rights commision will start investigation in Human rights violation in Kashmir? Is there any other Country which is against Human rights violations in Kashmir? When we kashmiri’s will be given right to choose our future?

According to Human rights report in December 2017, More than 320 Kashmiri’s were killed this year.

From January 2018 to November 2018, More than 412 Kashmiri’s have been killed so far.

In the Month of January this year, 18 Civilians were shot dead, in which 5 Civilians were shot dead in a single day in District Shopian of South kashmir.

In February, 12 Civilians were Killed in South Kashmir Districts i.e, Kulgam, Shopian, Anantnag and Pulwama districts.

In the Month of March, 19 Civilians were Killed. Most of them Belonged to Kulgam and Pulwama districts.

In July 2018, More than 29 Civilians were Killed this Month. 4 Civilians were Shot dead in a single day in Redwani area of South kashmir’s kulgam District.

In August, More than 15 Civilians were Killed this Month. 3 Civilians were killed after forces opened fire on Protesters in Kashmir’s Capital Srinagar.

On next day, two more Civilians were killed at encounter site in Bandipora district.

In September, 27 Civilians were killed by Indian forces in which 9 of them belonged to Central Kashmir, 5 From North Kashmir, and 13 belonged to South kashmir districts i.e, Anantnag, Kulgam, Shopian and Pulwama.

October and November Months Proved Most violent Months of 2018 in Kashmir, during which at least 54 Civilians were killed by Indian Army at different encounter sites and protests.

And This month (in December) 17 Civilians were killed in 2 single days. In Laroo Kulgam 7 Civilians were shot dead in a single day and 10 Civilians were Killed in a single day at encounter site in Sirnoo Pulwama by Indian Army.

Kashmir Elections (2018)
From August 2018 to December 2018, Elections were held at both District and Village Levels. At District Level Elections, More than 95% of total Kashmir Population Boycotted the Polls. These Elections were held in all Districts of Kashmir valley. Only a few Percent of Voting was reported in these polls. South kashmir districts recorded 0.33% Voting while the North Kashmir and Central Kashmir districts recorded 2-3% of total voting turnout. South kashmir’s Kulgam District was a lone District were no Polling was held in Local body Polls.

From November 19, Panchayat elections were also held in Kashmir Valley but again 96% of the total population boycotted these polls. Mostly No elections were held in South Kashmir Districts as there were no Participants or No contestants. Mostly Contestants in Panchayat polls were elected unopposed.

Indian Media on Kashmir Killings
Calling Kashmiri People as terrorists has become a Popular trend among indian Media Channels. Even as More than 1200 Kashmiri’s lost their lives during Kashmir unrest, the indian Media Never asked Government about these Killings. Instead of questioning Government about these killings, the National Media supported Government at every point.

Several Politicians of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress (National Political Parties) at National media channels openly Criticised kashmiri People several times.

A BJP Spokesman and Minister (Sambit patra) referring to Kashmiri People on a live debate said, “Those who are demanding self determination in our Country are same as ‘Terrorists’ and will be killed as ‘terrorists’ are being killed”.

The Famous Indian National media Channels Such as, Zee news, ABP news,Aajtak, NDTV and Republic TV never reported a true news on Kashmir unrest. All the time they were seen criticising Kashmiri people by saying, “They are getting Rs 500/= every hour from Pakistan to throw stones on Indian Army in Kashmir Valley.”

To grow their T.V Channel traffic they are still criticising Kashmiri people at every point. Recently, indian media reported that, 11 Militants have been killed by Indian army in Kashmir valley. But at this time they all were Civilians who were killed in a cold bloodshed. When asked their Journalists about this fake report, they never said a word about it.

Police and Army version about Kashmir Killings
These were not only the Politicians and Indian Media Channels who are Humiliating Kashmiri’s, but also the Police and Army personnel are also involved in it. As the Indian Army is the master behind the killing of Kashmiri youth, The JKP (Jammu and Kashmir Police) protects indian Army in every aspect. Whenever, a Kashmiri Youth was killed by Indian forces, J&K Police in statements said, that “he/she was involved in terrorist activities.” or “he/she was killed by Militants”.

Beating, Humiliating, fake encounters, raping, killing, kidnapping, etc. is now a serious trend that is going on in valley Paradise. Every Month, More than 12-20 Kashmiri’s are being killed by Indian forces in indian occupied Kashmir (iok).

Internet Suspension

Internet Suspension in Valley

Internet an important need for day to day life has become too costly for Kashmiri customers. Companies like Airtel, Jio, idea, vodafone have looted the Kashmiri customers because the internet in the valley mostly remains off.

As a customer buys costly internet pack for 1 month in morning, in evening the internet is suspended by government and companies for half month. Then during these days no one in the valley uses internet, but the validity of packs comes to end (expires) at exact time and the customer who has paid money for that pack or plan can’t take benefit of it.

Also the companies do not exceed the pack validity and the money that the customer has paid for that pack is not refunded by the company.

Here, the question is, If government and companies suspend internet for half Month in kashmir, then for what they are charging?

From July 2016, Companies have done a lot of business on Kashmiri customers on the basis of internet. They have earned in Crore’s & the customer of valley losses money without any benefit on Internet packs and continues to pay for another pack.

Who is responsible for it? Is this the customer who pays for the pack? or The government which suspends internet everyday in kashmir? or the Companies which are providing the internet services are responsible for it?

Well, the answer that (ioktimes) got from social media is, ” Both the companies as well as Government is responsible for it and they should refund the money that the customer has paid for internet services”.

Therefore, the People should aware for what the services are they paying for?

Every Month, in Indian Occupied Kashmir, internet is being Suspended for 12-16 Days. As any Kashmiri youth was reported Killed by Indian Forces, within 30 Minutes, indian Agencies suspend internet services in the Valley. So, that this news should not reach the international Countries and Indian Army could Continuously beat and kill More Youth.

Some important Questions:

Conclusion :

Is there no Value of Kashmiri blood?

Why don’t World Countries tried to Stop Bloodbath in Kashmir valley?

Why indian Media is Calling Kashmiri’s as terrorists?

Why don’t International Media focuses on Kashmir Killings?

When Kashmir will be given freedom of Self determination?

When Kashmiri’s will be given their rights to Choose their Own future?

Is there no international Law that could Stop Human rights Violations in Kashmir?

These are Some questions which have no answers and are still pending in (19th century) at international court of Justice.

Here the question is, Have Kashmiri’s no right to use internet on daily basis?

Please note : All the Content in this Article is written same as The Questions and Answers that ioktimes got from Kashmiri People, While talking with them. This Article has not been Edited by our team.

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