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SMC workers to call off their strikes : Shiekh imran

With Reports Sahil Mir (Srinagar)

Srinagar, ioktimes : Deputy Mayor Shiekh Imran on Thursday urged Srinagar Municipal corporation (SMC) employees to call off their strike, stating whosoever will probably be guilty would be punished according to law.

Addressing a press conference at JKPA here, Imran said SMC workers should chorus from the controversy between Mayor and Deputy Mayor. SMC staff are section and parcel of the system, i’ve now not spoken towards them, he stated.

“Wherever Junaid Mattu needs me for Srinagar city, I will likely be perpetually able for that and that i count on same from him,” Imran mentioned. Dictatorships have certainly not succeeded in any a part of world and protocol of Deputy Mayor has been interfered a couple of times, he mentioned.

Imran stated the mayor must be given the corporators for the reason that they have got voted for him and clear up their problems akin to accommodation, automobiles, salary, and different problems.

“i’ve now not defended any councilor but have listened to their pleas, nor I accompanied her to the police station,” Imran said.

He mentioned he’s not doing any conspiracy against any one, adding that finance and planning had been amended by way of the act. Rather council was once in position and three conferences were held, but the committee was once delayed by means of a conspiracy of Mayor.

“After that, i have written a letter to Governor in regards to the incident. As a minimum Mayor has been spoken to his councilors before act was amended. No councilor had the skills about the amendment passed on seventh Dec 2018,” Imran said.

Concerning claiming of councilors with the Mayor, Imran mentioned it could actually most effective be proved by way of flooring scan, now not with hole claims.

“If any coporator has executed something fallacious, or Mayor has achieved whatever, these things must be sorted out by means of speak, no longer via agitations,” Imran mentioned.

“Such approaches will not receive right here, we can not fear from these tactics. Kashmir are struggling their fight from 1947 and change has come with a new narrative,” he mentioned.

He entreated SMC staff to call off their strike and resume their duties on account that folks are struggling in the metropolis. I wish to work for people and will continue to do so.

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